Jalil Rasheed: Conquering Malaysia at 26 | Capital Raising, Episode 1

13 Apr 2022

Meet our guest, Jalil Rasheed – experienced global CEO, Chairman, Investor – as we discuss what it takes to be a successful fundraiser in Southeast Asia.

Not only has he built Aberdeen’s global Shariah business in Malaysia, then became the (now former) Group CEO of Berjaya Corporation Berhad; this Angel Investor has successfully raised over USD 10billion throughout his career. Truly, no one knows this fundraising game better than he does!

If you’re an aspiring fundraiser or are currently looking to raise more capital for your investment fund, tune in to our Capital Raising series! With our guests having raised billions of dollars under their belt, they’re here to share insider tips that they have discovered through personal experiences, market insights and what the secret sauce is when it comes to having a successful career.

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