Area of expertise: I specialise in the Fund Administration space, especially in the middle and back office!

Background: Prior to joining FP Asia, I worked in PwC, one of the Big 4 accounting firms managing clients mainly in the aerospace, oil and gas and retail industry. I enjoyed my time there and was lucky enough to be given secondment opportunities to Myanmar and Australia which were an eye opener.

When COVID hit, I had plenty of time to do some self-reflection and came about questioning myself on what I really wanted out of life. Months later, I decided to break out of the typical route (embracing and also ignoring my fears/traditional family pressure/advice) after audit and pursue something I feel much stronger in — which is in RECRUITMENT!

Recently, I am hooked on travelling and reading self-help books to enrich my mind and broaden my horizon. My dream will look something like… having the luxury to travel around the world with my laptop and having flexibility at work.

Career Advice: Never settle for a job that does not meet your needs because then… you will be unhappy for the rest of the time there.