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About Funds Partnership Asia


Our story begins in 2007, when Funds Partnership opened its first office in London. Since then, we have expanded into Asia, our Singapore office in 2010 and Hong Kong in 2011.

We are a global business, with offices in 6 countries across the world. Our network has both strength and depth in the investments industry, across all functions throughout the fund life-cycle. We specialise in each area depending on jurisdiction to fulfil your unique business requirements.

Funds Partnership works with an attractive cross-section of the industry, including but not limited to investment firms, fund managers, services providers, associations and other affiliations of the industry. With this strong network, our motto: “Impacting Individuals and Empowering Economies” drives us to go that extra mile for our clients, candidates and partners.

We Are Diverse

We place mostly mid to senior-level hires throughout the fund life-cycle, ranging from Sales to Investment, Analysis, and Legal, Risk & Compliance and Fund Operations / Finance and Accounting.We are also industry-agnostic, with deep knowledge on the specific local regulatory landscape across APAC.

We don't settle

We know in order to attract the best talent, we need to provide the best opportunities by having the best clients in the market. And we make it our business to constantly be on the look-out for exemplary companies and outstanding candidates.

We make both relationship-driven and data-driven decisions

In Asia, we understand the deep importance of relationships and make it a point to forge strong ties with market-leading companies. As a result of these meaningful conversations and first-hand insights, we are able to give a more holistic appraisal of a candidate beyond just ticking boxes.


Funds Partnership Asia is more than an executive search firm for the investment management industry. We believe in impacting individuals and empowering economies via innovative solutions to cater to every business’s challenges. Find out how our supplementary brands can assist your unique business needs today.


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Funds Partnership consists of a talented team of progressive, well-experienced consultants, ranging from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are a team of specialists that understands the different ecosystems within finance and investments and leverage on our expertise to reach the right talent to cater to your business needs. We strive to push boundaries, stay relevant in the rapidly-changing funds industry, and to always put our clients first.